Monday, December 26, 2016


An unusual and thought provoking story recently appeared in the Sun Sentinel. 
Please think and respond with your opinion.

In 2011, Sidney Reznick, 64 and Joseph Castronova, 25, were involved in  an altercation. Both men, avid pool players, were enjoying the competition in a local Hollywood pool hall. Joseph bragged to Sydney that he was a martial arts expert and put Sidney, against his will, in a choke hold. He struck a pole, and fell to the ground. He was rushed to the hospital and was treated for a "brain bleed".  After rehabilitation, Mr. Reznick, returned to work. His dizzy spells increased and eventually he became bedridden.

Meanwhile Mr. Castronova was convicted of felony battery and was placed on five years probation. He had pleaded guilty to the charge. He was ordered to pay @ $52,000 in restitution to cover medical bills. Mr. Castronova also acknowledged that he was not skilled in martial arts.  

Mr. Reznick died in 2015. His wife ,Anne, had cared for her bedridden husband for three years. An autopsy revealed that he died of "complication of remote blunt head trauma. The manner of death: homicide.

Here is the twist to the story. Anne Reznick does not want Joseph prosecuted. She believes that he has suffered enough and should be given a second chance. Prosecutors say that the victim is allowed to say anything he or she wants but the prosecution must not allow that victim to dictate the course of the case. 

The prosecution is pursuing a manslaughter charge 

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