Monday, December 26, 2016


An unusual and thought provoking story recently appeared in the Sun Sentinel. 
Please think and respond with your opinion.

In 2011, Sidney Reznick, 64 and Joseph Castronova, 25, were involved in  an altercation. Both men, avid pool players, were enjoying the competition in a local Hollywood pool hall. Joseph bragged to Sydney that he was a martial arts expert and put Sidney, against his will, in a choke hold. He struck a pole, and fell to the ground. He was rushed to the hospital and was treated for a "brain bleed".  After rehabilitation, Mr. Reznick, returned to work. His dizzy spells increased and eventually he became bedridden.

Meanwhile Mr. Castronova was convicted of felony battery and was placed on five years probation. He had pleaded guilty to the charge. He was ordered to pay @ $52,000 in restitution to cover medical bills. Mr. Castronova also acknowledged that he was not skilled in martial arts.  

Mr. Reznick died in 2015. His wife ,Anne, had cared for her bedridden husband for three years. An autopsy revealed that he died of "complication of remote blunt head trauma. The manner of death: homicide.

Here is the twist to the story. Anne Reznick does not want Joseph prosecuted. She believes that he has suffered enough and should be given a second chance. Prosecutors say that the victim is allowed to say anything he or she wants but the prosecution must not allow that victim to dictate the course of the case. 

The prosecution is pursuing a manslaughter charge 

What do you think? 

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Friday, December 16, 2016


   As the season begins, our residents are beginning to gather at poolside. Yes, some like to swim and exercise in the water. Many of us also like to "smooze". Please listen to an amusing and true story.
   Last year "A" told a funny story. Feeling in need of some exercise, she and her friend "G" signed up for a silver sneaker class. The class was offered as a fringe benefit with their health insurance.
   The first class was great but our ladies forgot their water bottles.The day before the next class "A" put her water bottle in the freezer. After all the frozen water would defrost and remain ice cold. Just before class "A" remembered her bottle and looked forward to a refreshing drink at intermission. During the break "A" quickly drank her "water". It tasted a little tart but "A" went back to class and did her exercises in double time! Do you know why? Yes, "A" also kept a bottle of vodka in her freezer and she grabbed the wrong bottle! "G" had to put her arm around  A and escort her to the car!

If, by chance, you do not know who "A" and "G" are just come out to the pool and ask around!

I am sure that you have an amusing story to share. Just send it to me at and we will post it!


Thursday, December 8, 2016

Boca's Building Boom!

Boca's Building Boom!

Recently the Boca Raton Historical Society hosted a trolley tour of five buildings in various stages of construction in the downtown area. When completed these buildings will add @2,000 residential units to our tax base.
The first trolley stop was at 327 Royal Palm Road. This building and the others are all within a couple of miles from Boca Towers. This impressive condo community comes with an impressive price tag..Starting at 1.6 million, this is one of two owner's buildings on the tour.
Palmetto Promenade was the next stop of the day. This is a rental complex located across the way from Eye Catchers Optique. The owner of the optical shop praised all the buildings as highly beneficial to the commercial base of the city. Of course, the rentals are pricey.  The range is $2,000-$5,500/month depending on size and location.
101 Via Mizner was the third stop on the tour. A 366 unit rental community, the leases range from $1700/month.  Amenities here include golf club privileges. Boca City Walk, the 4th stop on the tour, is in the process of being occupied.  About 20% occupied since its August opening, amenities include a pool and courtyard patio.  Rentals start at $3610/month for a 2 bedroom apartment.
Tower 155 was also on this stop.  The condos here will range from $500,000 to 2.2 million.  Owners will be allowed to rent their units for 3 months twice a year.
Finally, the last stop was at the Residences at Mandarin Oriental.  This development is not offering anything for sale and sales reps are offering concepts to prospective owners.

That's the summary. So, what do YOU think?

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

PARADE !!! - Yes we have rules...



The annual Boat Parade is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 17 along the Intracoastal.  Our location offers a prime viewing spot for you and your authorized guests to enjoy a pleasant evening.

We have had some unfortunate experience in past years with large parties and unauthorized guests on our property, so the Board and management have decided on a procedure for this year’s event.  This is premised on our House Rule that parties using our pool and patio area are LIMITED TO NO MORE THAN 10 PEOPLE, TO INCLUDE THE UNIT OWNER.  This rule does not apply to parties where residents are congregating amongst themselves.

If you intend to have guests that evening please furnish the office with a list of their names in order to expedite their entry.

Here’s the procedure we will follow:

1.      All vehicles will be stopped at the A1A entry.  Owners and tenants will, of course, be permitted to enter as usual.  Visitors will be asked who they are seeing, and a checklist will be maintained.  Once a total of 10 per unit including the resident is reached any further visitors for that unit will be refused entry.
2.      Authorized visitors will be required to check in at the front desk, where they will obtain a parking pass.
3.      No one other than a person leasing a dock space may dock and/or discharge passengers at the boat dock. Security will monitor the area to assure compliance.
4.      Security will ask parties in excess of the maximum to immediately disperse.  Failure to do so will result in a violation punishable by financial penalties.
5.      Children MUST be supervised at all times; unruly children and their responsible adults will be asked to leave the area.

We’re hoping that all of our residents and their authorized guests can have a fun time without being overwhelmed by excessively large parties and non-authorized people on our premises.

Thanks very much.

Board of Directors
Boca Towers Condominium Association, Inc.

Friday, December 2, 2016


Opinions / Comments / Questions?

Opinions Please!

I am trying to broaden interest in our blog..
For that reason, I want to comment on an article appearing in the Sun-Sentinel.

Just prior to the election, the City moved a voting place. The Islamic Center of Boca Raton was removed from the list of polling locations. A nearby library was added to the list.
I do not know the real reason for this move. Perhaps the city feared for the safety of both the Mosque and the voting public. Churches and Synagogues are routinely used as polling places.

In response to this move, several places of worship have refuse to be used as polling places unless the Mosque is reinstated. .

I have a few questions to ask:
What has happened to the separation of Church and State?
What has happened to the cooperation between Church and State?
Should voting be done in schools...
Forcing the school to be closed for the day, allowing anyone to enter the school?