Friday, December 16, 2016


   As the season begins, our residents are beginning to gather at poolside. Yes, some like to swim and exercise in the water. Many of us also like to "smooze". Please listen to an amusing and true story.
   Last year "A" told a funny story. Feeling in need of some exercise, she and her friend "G" signed up for a silver sneaker class. The class was offered as a fringe benefit with their health insurance.
   The first class was great but our ladies forgot their water bottles.The day before the next class "A" put her water bottle in the freezer. After all the frozen water would defrost and remain ice cold. Just before class "A" remembered her bottle and looked forward to a refreshing drink at intermission. During the break "A" quickly drank her "water". It tasted a little tart but "A" went back to class and did her exercises in double time! Do you know why? Yes, "A" also kept a bottle of vodka in her freezer and she grabbed the wrong bottle! "G" had to put her arm around  A and escort her to the car!

If, by chance, you do not know who "A" and "G" are just come out to the pool and ask around!

I am sure that you have an amusing story to share. Just send it to me at and we will post it!


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