Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Looks like we are getting a new addition to the beach - Comments?

 Boca Raton: State approves construction of 4-story mansion on beach

Project faces further review from city
after OK catches some off-guard
By Steve Plunkett
    The state’s environmental agency has issued a “notice to proceed” on construction of a controversial beachside mega-mansion, but Boca Raton officials say the owner of the undersized lot has more hurdles to cross.
    “You are hereby granted final authorization to proceed with construction” of a four-story, single-family dwelling at 2500 N. Ocean Blvd., according to the notice issued Oct. 18 by the Department of Environmental Protection.
    The entire lot, located on the ocean between Spanish River Park and Ocean Strand, is east of the state’s Coastal Construction Control Line, which calls for stricter scrutiny of proposed projects.
    But the landowner, Natural Lands LLC, still must pass review by the city’s Environmental Advisory Board and obtain a Coastal Construction Control Line variance and a building permit from Boca Raton, Deputy City Manager George Brown told the City Council on Nov. 22.
    Brown said the city was surprised that the DEP issued the permit without receiving a letter directly from Boca Raton stating that the proposal does not conflict with city zoning codes. The DEP confirmed that “although it is not their usual practice, they accepted a copy of [a city resolution] for the lot width variance, instead of a letter,” Brown said in a memo.
    The state agency’s files show the resolution was sent to Natural Lands with a cover letter in June from city zoning officer John Harbilas, who called it his “response to a request for a zoning confirmation letter.”
    “The subject property satisfies the minimum requirements of the [multifamily zoning] district, including the minimum lot size requirements, and also the minimum setback requirements,” Harbilas wrote the landowner. Natural Lands forwarded the letter to the DEP.
    The City Council in December 2015 reversed a Zoning Board of Adjustment decision that prohibited construction of the 10,432-square-foot house. The zoning board had declined to approve variances for property width and front-yard setbacks.
    Furious residents complained that the structure would change the face of the beach, disorient nesting sea turtles and set a precedent for even more development.
    Council members defended their decision, claiming the city would likely face litigation because more than a dozen similar variances had been approved before. Natural Lands had dropped its request for a front-yard setback, moving the proposed home almost 15 feet closer to the ocean. Approved in a resolution was an 11.5-foot variance from the minimum lot width of 100 feet.
    At the Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District’s Nov. 14 meeting, Al Zucaro, of citizen watchdog group Boca Watch, said residents were “misled” by the City Council, who told them the proposal “had many steps to go before any reality might be attached to it.”
    “All the other side had to do to get that permit was to demonstrate that the city of Boca Raton had granted the zoning approval. And the variance did that,” Zucaro said.
    Department of Environmental Protection spokeswoman Dee Ann Miller said the CCCL is “a line of regulation, not prohibition” and “should not be confused with setback lines or lines of prohibition which are established through comprehensive plans and local zoning laws.
    “That being said,” Miller continued, “as part of the permitting process an applicant is required to submit written evidence from the local government stating the proposed activity does not conflict with local setback requirements or zoning codes — which the applicant did.”
    The DEP permit, which is posted at the site, expires Oct. 7, 2019. Natural Lands contacted the city Nov. 4 to begin the Environmental Advisory Board review, Brown said. The item will be scheduled for an advisory board meeting once the landowner resolves questions from city staff, he said.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

OCEAN BREEZE Birdie, Par or Bogey?

Birdie, Par or Bogey?

  Ocean Breeze Golf Course is the object of a great deal of debate among those involved in City government. The course is closed and in foreclosure. Wells Fargo is the current owner and Lennar Homes has an agreement to buy the property from the bank. Located off of Clint Moore and near Boca Teeca, the course is rapidly declining and its future is uncertain. 
  The city of Boca Raton has an alternate plan. The Council and Mayor Haney wish to acquire Ocean Breeze from Lennar in exchange for 51 million dollars and the Boca Raton Municipal Golf Course property. This property is located on Glades Road between the Florida Turnpike and Lyons Road. Many other financially secure developers have expressed an interest in this 194 acre parcel. GL Homes will pay 73 million for the site and another local developer has offered 73.2. Each offer is unique and I will go into the details if you ask.  
  Some feel that, since the interest in golf is declining, the City should just let Ocean Breeze go to Lennar and close the Municipal Course. After all, the city could sell the Municipal course and
put the money(70+ million) into another project . Perhaps Ocean Strand? 
  The Parks and Beach District would like to see the city swap property with Lennar. The Parks people would like to build a world class golf facility. This idea has already caught the eye of Greg Norman. Mr. Norman, a former PGA standout and entrepreneur, was recently in Boca to look over Ocean Breeze. He would put his name on a teaching facility and help with the course redesign. This would be a massive undertaking and may be cost prohibitive. 
  Another more realistic solution might be to swap courses and put some of the extra money into Ocean Breeze upgrades.
  Lennar has one incentive to swap courses. The owners of the Boca Teeca Condo community have a legal right to alter Lennar's plan. These owners must approve the use of the land for any type of development that is not a golf course. Well, just think of the incentives Lennar may have to offer the owners of Boca Teeca!

  Here we are..  Please tell me what you think.,  Which solution is the Birdie, which the Par and which is the Bogie?  Please respond on the Blog...

By the way, have you ever heard of an Albatross?


Palmetto Promenade - WOW - Affordable Rentals??

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Since the election, several rumbles have been heard in local politics. Here are a few that have caught my eye.

Our local politicos have agreed to the building of a very large home on the 2500 beach front block of N. Ocean Blvd..Many of us thought that perhaps the State might intervene. This house will be built.

Although voters agreed to the Public approval of ALL Public projects on both sides of the
Intracoastal, the city is now arguing for strict interpretation! This means that approved
recreational use would exclude food concessions and gift shops. (Gumbo Limbo). Perhaps
restrooms should be closed...

The Chabad project off of E Palmetto has been blocked by the court.

Comments are welcome!

Kay - "A Boca Towers Resident"

Sunday, November 13, 2016

After Election - Moving on...


Now that the people have spoken, it is time to think of the impact of the election results on the owners and residents of Boca Towers. The national results have some of us smiling while others are weeping and seeking emotional support. I know that all of us want the nation to come together and move forward in a joint effort to improve both our image as a nation and our respect for each other.

Locally, I have some thoughts on the election results..
I want to speak specifically on some issues.

I am personally grateful that the residents of Boca have chosen to allow the "public" to have the final say on the use of the public property on the west side of the intracoastal.

This will lead to the beautification of the Wild Flower property, the improvement of Lake Wyman and a public golf course on Ocean Breeze. Ocean Strand will, in my opinion, remain as an open space.

The obvious conclusion is that our homes will increase in value if Ocean Strand is left as open space and Ocean Breeze becomes a public golf course..

The people voted to allow the use of solar power but to limit the cost burden to the specific user. However, this issue required a 60% majority to pass and that percentage was not achieved.

As we all know, the county sales tax will increase to 7% on January 1, 2017..
Perhaps the Boca Raton residents made the wrong choice. Remember the monies from the tax will be distributed to the poorer communities first.. I personally will do most of my shopping in Broward County.

Please note that there will be a local election in March..

I hope that many of you will follow the discussions and contribute to this blog.

Honestly, I sometimes feel that I am talking to myself!

Kay -    "Boca Towers Resident"

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Earl Starkoff - Boca Raton Park District - "Loses Reelection Bid"

Earl Starkoff Boca Raton Park District
Dear Friends, Supporters, and Fellow Residents,
Serving as your Commissioner on the Greater Boca Raton Beach & Park District has been 12 wonderful years of community service.
 Together, we've opened the largest park in our history – the Athletic Complex at Countess DeHoernle Park, pushed back against private development of Ocean Strand on our barrier island, added the carousel to Sugar Sand Park, improved Mizner Dog Bark, and embarked on installing brighter, environmentally friendly lighting for greater safety at all of our parks.

We've also completed an historic 10-year $28 million agreement with the City for our entire beachfront. The District will now share in 50% of the local costs for beach re
nourishment and dredging the Boca Inlet.
This month, we'll rededicate the Science Playground at Sugar Sand as a 10,000 square foot 'Clubhouse without Walls' – doubling the original size – accessible for all to enjoy: with or without physical challenges. And the first phase of the rebuilt boardwalk at Gumbo Limbo will open by the end of this year.

We're set to break ground for a new community center at the Swim and Racquet Club with new, greatly improved tennis and swimming features. Design is getting under way for a 2nd field house at Sugar Sand; master planning is in place for a complete overhaul of Patch Reef Park; and we've accumulated the funds to develop new facilities for the growing population as new construction is completed.

We've added to the voices throughout our community that speak for green space first: a wonderful downtown park at Palmetto Park Road and the Intracoastal, and acquiring the Ocean Breeze Golf Course to keep it out of development and re-opened as a truly championship golf course in the District.

It's been a joy and honor to be your Commissioner.

For a Greater Boca Raton,