Thursday, October 13, 2016

Lake Wyman vs THe City of Boca

Boca Raton / Lake Wyman

**Note - I am not an authority on this - my timelines and facts could be a little off...
However - I stand behind the meaning and the trajectory of this writing.
I do not have the time to take all day to "proof read", so please forgive my grammatical errors..


2011 - Lake Wyman
Study was done at lake Wyman -
Study outlined environmentally sound and protective plan that included renovation of the lake and the canoeing areas.
This study confirmed the environmental concerns including several "protected" species of seagrass, Manatee habitat and a very environmentally sensitive area.

2015 - Lake Wyman
The city - has another presentation on Lake Wyman -
The study - had very similar results, however, with pressure from the city, it included a "day dock" - "NOT  A BOAT RAMP / LAUNCH" - the city specifically Scott Singer, brought up the subject of a "Boat Ramp / Launch" - I personally and publicly objected to this idea.

2016 - Lake Wyman
The city has another presentation on Lake Wyman -
The presentation - IS 100% INCLUSIVE OF A BOAT RAMP AND LAUNCH -

Do you want a boat ramp / launch at Lake Wyman?  The current ramp is downtown, surrounded by "sea wall" - North of the ramp is sea wall and south of the ramp is Lake Boca - "Surrounded by sea wall"  - Now let's look at Lake Wyman - 5% sea wall - 95% mangroves -  trash bounces off sea wall - trash is absorbed by the mangroves...  Lake Boca has no beach, Manatees, seagrass or other protected species...  Lake Wyman has a beach, Manatees, mangroves, seagrass, and several other protected species...

Ocean Strand - Key Point -  One of the key reasons we had a successful outcome was due to the fact that the Park District was one our side -  AT LAKE WYMAN THIS IS NOT THE CASE - I SPOKE TO EARL STARKOFF, A PARK DISTRICT DIRECTOR, AND HE TOLD ME ABOUT THIS IDEA LAST MONTH -

It was at that time I publicly predicted the city would force a boat ramp / launch at Lake Wyman.

Is there a point to fight this?  It appears there is no end to this cities leadership's power grabbing, money and destruction of our paradise...

When does this aggressive overreach stop? What is the goal of this leadership?

Answer - To make Boca Raton what they think Boca should be -  Not what the people want...

I cannot understand how these people can get elected or better yet re-elected.

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