Sunday, November 13, 2016

After Election - Moving on...


Now that the people have spoken, it is time to think of the impact of the election results on the owners and residents of Boca Towers. The national results have some of us smiling while others are weeping and seeking emotional support. I know that all of us want the nation to come together and move forward in a joint effort to improve both our image as a nation and our respect for each other.

Locally, I have some thoughts on the election results..
I want to speak specifically on some issues.

I am personally grateful that the residents of Boca have chosen to allow the "public" to have the final say on the use of the public property on the west side of the intracoastal.

This will lead to the beautification of the Wild Flower property, the improvement of Lake Wyman and a public golf course on Ocean Breeze. Ocean Strand will, in my opinion, remain as an open space.

The obvious conclusion is that our homes will increase in value if Ocean Strand is left as open space and Ocean Breeze becomes a public golf course..

The people voted to allow the use of solar power but to limit the cost burden to the specific user. However, this issue required a 60% majority to pass and that percentage was not achieved.

As we all know, the county sales tax will increase to 7% on January 1, 2017..
Perhaps the Boca Raton residents made the wrong choice. Remember the monies from the tax will be distributed to the poorer communities first.. I personally will do most of my shopping in Broward County.

Please note that there will be a local election in March..

I hope that many of you will follow the discussions and contribute to this blog.

Honestly, I sometimes feel that I am talking to myself!

Kay -    "Boca Towers Resident"

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